Warehouse, changes from the September 15, 2016

The flow history tracking added discounts. One can see how many percent discount and its size as for the entire operation, and for each item individually. Added display of total sales for the selected period (the required period set by the operator), the total amount of the discount, the total number of positions in the overhead.

Information on discounts is nowhere in the reports does not appear.
Summarizing information is reliable only if one currency is selected. Currencies can be through the filter. To do this, select the desired table and press Ctrl + 1 or click on the green rectangle in the upper left corner of the table, the Filter option.

With this version you welcome feature database auto-update (file base.mdb) for newer versions of the program. The course of action is – you work in a program of inventory control. There is a new version of the program. You download the latest version of the program. Unpack on your computer in a separate directory. From the old directory ASSUME database base.mdb + if link.udl file and write them into the directory with the new program. When you first start a new program – the old database (base.mdb) it will be automatically updated for the latest version of the program.

In short to say – to upgrade you need to write off files and base.mdb link.udl (if any) to the directory of the new program, and all!

Updates will be correctly performed even if no interim updates have been performed. Those. If you have version 1.1, but went 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, which you did not use, and update 1.5 you decide to upgrade the program – download the program 1.5, perform the actions described above in this paragraph, and you have a program upgraded from version 1.1 to 1.5.
At present, all users that use in their work program version 2016.01, 2016.02, 2016.03 may download the latest version of the program and use it. To re-register the program when you upgrade is not required. All previously entered data is stored.

Warehouse, changes from the September 15, 2016Update: 20161003 author: Admin
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