Accounting goods on warehouse

We offer you the program “Accounting goods on warehouse”. The program is suitable for any company where there is a purchase, registration and issuance of a product. The main feature of the program is to purchase goods and issuing this product team.The purchase comes in packages, and extradition is possible packages or separately, grams, milliliters, etc.

References units, packaging, types of goods, products, employees and suppliers. warehouse, lager, stock, magazzino, estoque, склад, accounting, buchhaltung, déclaration, comptabilité, contabilita, contabilidade, учёт

References units, packaging, types of goods, products, employees and suppliers.

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Warehouse and production

We present our new version Warehouse and production

Form Reference materials. Form Organization warehouses. Price groups management products. In the form of a Handbook of goods may prescribe your products. Set product image, write the characteristics of the goods. Perhaps ustnovit not limited number of price groups. Warehouses organizations have a tabular view. You can set the background color for each warehouse.

The program has a condensed formula: inventory control + trade + production.

The program exists in the software market since 2003. During its existence it managed to gain widespread. Purpose of the program: accounting of inventory, production of goods as a small company, or a large enterprise. Main characteristics:

  1. Unlimited number of suppliers and warehouses *, types of goods, commodities *, units, products and templates to him currencies.
  2. Displays the status of the most convenient warehouse, the warehouse of goods and type of filter, sorting by any column.
  3. Individual coloring warehouses kinds of goods.
  4. Multicurrency transactions.
  5. Support for bar code scanner on the sale of goods. Supports any “typing” the barcode scanner that emulates the keyboard.
  6. Translation from one number system to another or when posting of the sale of goods (kilograms to the square meters or cubic meters to kilograms, etc.)
  7. All the printed form configurable, and are based on the basis of the formation of reports
  8. Unlimited number of printed documents in the history of the parish and consumption. You can create and print any subsequent your template.
  9. Print price lists, price tags, barcode labels.
  10. Templates are products in a tree structure that allows you to quickly navigate in the tree, details of minor importance to the core.
  11. Manufacture is carried out “at one point in one product” in any quantity. The maximum number of products depends on the availability of parts in stock.
  12. Accounting staff, working days, teams, piecework payment and the fixed salary.
  13. Maintaining funds, current accounts (their number is not limited).
  14. Customizable background color of the desktop program, which has beneficial effects on vision. In any table is possible to increase the font.
  15. The small size of the program.
  16. The apparent simplicity. Main: parish / flow / state warehouse, other forms are secondary.
  17. Work in any Microsoft Windows operating system (NT, 2000, XP, 2003,7,8 and newer), x32 or x64
  18. The program does not require any additional libraries, works and prints to “clean» Windows.
  19. It works with “flash”.
  20. It does not require installation (install an) run from any directory, so-called «portable»
  21. Easy backup – only one file «base.mdb». All your work is stored in this file. If you lost all the files – the program can be sent to you again, and «base.mdb» you will use your previously saved.
  22. Online addition of new features to the program, if it is found that the correction of the defects. First e-mail support.
  23. One of the lowest prices for the registration of the program, not only to RU-net, but in the world.
  24. And much more …

Screenshots Accounting goods on warehouse

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